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Challenging Deal?
Need to close quickly?
Frustrated with the traditional lending institutions?

We are a professional private equity-based lender. We offer innovative short-term financing solutions and we close transactions in a timely manner.

Our philosophy on lending

While our focus and mandate are governed by the needs of our investors, we recognize that a good loan is one that benefits all parties; that is, providing interest income to the investors, while allowing borrowers to achieve their goals, whether it is an acquisition, expansion, development or a solution to a short term cash flow deficiency.

Our underwriting of prospective loan transactions tends to focus on the value and liquidity of the real property that forms the underlying security for our loans; however, it is critical that the borrower has an ability to service the debt during the term of the loan.

We view ourselves as interim or bridge lenders, and as such we expect that our bororwer have an exit strategy in place, whether it be the sale of the asset or refinancing with a permanent loan through an institutional lender.

Speed and certainty

Our lending parameters for each of the Canadian and US market are more specifically set out on the following pages; however, we are generally funding loans in the range of 7% - 10% for terms of 1-2 years with flexible prepayment privileges. We have an ability to fund loans up to $6 million on relatively short notice.