Sohail Zayona
Operating Officer / Originator
Mortgage Broker

Sohail Zayona joined Owemanco in June of 2013 with a focus to expand Owemanco’s business operations in both Canada and the U.S. In his current role, Sohail is responsible for originating and underwriting new mortgage investments in Canada and the United States. In addition, Sohail is responsible for overseeing Owemanco's mortgage portfolio and monitoring the fund's post-closing activities.  Sohail is registered with FSCO as a mortgage broker.

Sohail is a graduate of an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) from the Schulich School of Business at York University where he graduated with Distinction. He holds a dual-specialization in both finance and entrepreneurship.

Sohail is a Trustee of Owemanco Mortgage Trust.

Contact Sohail Zayona:
  (416) 256-1555 Ext. 228